We are experts in exporting Japanese domestic manufacturing brands and sales of PB products.

We are experts in exporting Japanese domestic manufacturing brands and sales of PB products. Our experts research the market thoroughly, aiming to forecast future directions of consumer demand. Every day we refine our approaches, so that we can offer our customers the most favorable terms for cooperation.

Overseas Division

Japan World Trading Co.,Ltd. оverseas sales division, operate export and import to the various countries around the world. With the aim of increasing sales, we are expanding production bases and sales channels in America, Europe and Asia. We are constantly looking forward to meeting new partners from all around the world to explore new possibilities together. We are the exclusive representative in Russian Federation and CIS countries of products NANOCLO2, ROYAL COSMETICS.

Pet Products Division

Our company is a leading supplier of exceptional value and quality wide range pet products for dogs, cats, birds, fish and small animals. We offer cooperation on permanent mutually beneficial terms with full information support at all stages of cooperation. We conduct educational trainings on the product, develop motivational schemes for staff, participate in exhibitions. We are the exclusive representative in Russia and the CIS countries of products AIXIA.

Manufacturing Projects Division

We help create a new cosmetic product or a whole product line, with made in Japan quality. Never limited by field, product, or region, we aim to be wide-ranging in our activities. With consideration given not only to the sale of products, also we work with our clients to develop new markets, and provide logistical and technical support. We provide full support from the beginning of the design to the final packaging of goods and delivery to the client’s warehouse.

Products range

Our product range includes more than 40 fast-moving consumer goods categories, ensuring successful sales: highly competitive trending cosmetics, hair care items, health & beauty products, diapers & nappies, household chemicals, care cosmetics, hygiene products, children’s goods, food and food supplements, virus blocker – Nanoclo2, pet food and etc.

Agf Coffee, Aisen, Aixia, Bio International, Chu-chu Baby, Jex, Cleardent, Cosmetex Roland, Cotton Labo, Cow Brand, Crecia, Daiichi, Daio Diapers, Dentalpro, Ellemoi, Feather, Finish, Hitachi Pet, Iplus, Istyle, Itoen, Itoh, Kanebo, Kaneyo, Kanro, Kao Merries Diapers, Kasuga, Key Coffee, Kiribai, Kobayashi, Kokubo, Kose Cosmeport, Kracie, Kumano, Lec, Lion, Lion Pet, Lotte, Mandom Gatsby, Marukan, Marutomi, Meiji, Meiji Milk Powder, Meishoku Bb, Mitomo, Mitsuei, Morinaga, Nanoclo2,Nepia Diapers, Nepia Whito, Diapers, Nepia Tissues, Ns Fa-Fa, Nisshinbo, P&g Diapers, P&G, Pigeon, Purasesu Pharmaceutical, Rinrei, Rocket Soap, Rohto, Rosette, Sakura, Sanritsu, Saraya, S&b Foods, Senjaku, Shiseido, Squeeze, St Family, Sumisoap, Techxcel, To-plan, Train, Unicharm Moony Diapers, Unicharm Mamy Poko Diapers, Unicharm Sanitary & Other, Utena, Wakodo, Yuwa and etc.

Terms of Cooperation

M.O.Q. 20 DC container/ 40HC container/ pallets According to our price-list, you can load different goods into one container (20DC or 40HC).

Delivery terms: FOB Yokohama, Nagoya, Kobe, Senday, Niigata / CFR or CIF port of destination.

Payment terms: T\T, L\C

Lead time: It usually takes 2 weeks to collect your cargo at our warehouse. For discussing all details of orders, terms of cooperation and prices, please contact with our managers.

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