TOP Platinum Clear Laundry Fabric Care


A powder laundry detergent that effectively removes stubborn grime for optimal clothing brightness. With 4 kinds of enzymes, it cleans a wide range of stains (blood, mud, collar / sleeve, spilled food). For stubborn stains that are difficult to remove, cleaning with warm water is perfect.

Laundry detergent provides shining whiteness of the laundry due to active ingredients that remove yellowness. Suitable for washing laundry for the whole family. Contains 3 types of powerful enzymes, the balanced action of which removes stubborn, hard-to-remove stains from clothing. Effectively removes dirt even in a short wash cycle, thus saving energy and time. The powder is highly soluble in water. It consists of ¾ of plant components (one of the detergents is a substance processed from the fruit of the coconut tree), therefore it does not pollute the environment and is absolutely harmless to your health. Does not contain phosphates (phosphoric acid salts). An environmentally friendly product that effectively removes oil and protein stains and removes any stubborn food stains from clothes 15 times more intensively.

TOP Platinum Clear Laundry Fabric Care

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  1. Contains a new enzyme that effectively breaks down proteins that cause stains on sleeves and sleeves. It also cleanly removes stubborn stains.
  2. With Active Clear Prescription * 1, wash white shirts, socks, towels, etc. white.
  3. Does not transfer dirt that was once removed during washing to clothes.