Unicharm Baby Diapers – Natural Moony


The most comfortable diaper filled with features just right for each stage of growth. For the first time in Japan *, organic components are used in the inner surface.

* According to a March 2016 study by Unicharm Corporation, organic components are found in the inner surface of a moony natural diaper.

No unpleasant components for baby’s skin! Natural moony does not contain petrochemicals, fragrances, chemical colors or latex. Only a material with a slightly acidic environment is used, ideal for baby’s skin.

New technology! Liquid stool zone *

The porous absorbent zone reliably holds loose stools that irritate the skin, preventing it from spreading!

Unicharm Baby Diapers - Natural Moony

Point 1

The power of the fit gathers adjusts it perfectly! You don’t need to adjust it to prevent leaks.(Newborn, S only)

Point 2

Tailored to the round shape of bone structure of baby’s body, so it roundly fits, but not overly tight.

Point 3

Because the back part is wholely stretchable, it can fit well and causes no gap at back and fully prevent leakage♪

Point 4

Because it touches delicate babies. Moony is very soothing to the touch.