KAO "Flair Fragrance" fabric softener with antibacterial effec

KAO “Flair Fragrance” fabric softener with antibacterial effect


The conditioner is suitable for softening and imparting a rich aroma to clothes, linen and interior fabrics. Gorgeous bright scent lasts up to 12 hours.

The KAO Flaire Fragrance series fabric softeners are distinguished by the fact that they contain disinfecting agents that prevent the growth of bacteria, enhance the pleasant aroma when moving, high humidity and in any similar situations, preventing unpleasant odors in the process of everyday use of things. The scent lasts all day long without losing its effectiveness for 12 hours.

In addition, Flair Fragrance conditioners eliminate static electricity and perfectly soften laundry after washing, prevent the appearance of pills and creases on the fabric. They have antibacterial and deodorizing effects. Suitable for all types of fabrics, including delicate ones.

The Flair Fragrance line includes five fragrances: Floral & Sweet, Dressy & Berry, Gentle & Bouquet, Flower & Harmony and the new Velvet & Flower. All fragrances are floral, distinguished by the richness of the aroma and the emphasis towards fresh or, conversely, sweet notes.

  • Suitable for cotton, wool, linen and synthetic fabrics.
  • Has an antistatic effect, eliminates unpleasant odors such as the smell of sweat, tobacco and others, does not leave marks on clothes.
  • Gives the laundry a luxurious aroma that lasts until the next wash
  • Suitable for children’s and adult linen, can be used in any type of washing machine, as well as for hand washing.
  • Has a long-lasting deodorizing effect.
  • Prevents build-up of static electricity.
  • Protects clothes from deformation during washing and spinning.
  • Has an antibacterial effect and eliminates persistent unpleasant odors of sweat and tobacco.
  • A special component destroys odors and germs during indoor drying.
  • Great bright scent lasts up to 12 hours.
  • Environmentally friendly product, safe in contact with human skin.