Shiseido Ma Cherie Hair Care Products


Shiseido Ma Cherie is a mass market hair care line consisting of a moisturizing and air-feel line + about ten different styling and leave-in care products.

Masheri’s idea of “Cute Hair Arrangement” is a hair arrangement that looks cute and elaborate but can be done easily. 

Shiseido Ma Cherie Products contains dense pearl honey jelly *.

Carefully repair damage from the root to the tip of the hair. The glossy hair that makes you want to touch it all the time and the relaxing feeling surrounded by the luxurious scent are like hair esthetics.

* Dense pearl honey jelly DX (gloss, repair, moisturizing ingredient) / dense pearl honey jelly GX (pearl conchiolin, royal jelly extract, dimethicone) / dense pearl honey jelly EX (pearl conchiolin, royal jelly extract, lecithin)

Shiseido Ma Cherie Hair Care Products

Product line

Shampoo & conditioner

Shampoo & conditioner Air Feel EX
Shampoo & conditioner Moisture EX
Fragrance Gloss Mask EX
Air Feel Treatment EX
Moisture Treatment EX

Treatment that does not wash away 

Arrangement treatment spray (Oil in Mist spray)
End Cure Milk EX
Aqua Due Energy EX
Hair oil EX
Night Gloss Treatment EX

For Hair Styling

Oil wax
Perfect shower (Smooth) EX
Perfect shower (Moist) EX
Perfect shower (Wave) EX
Curl set lotion EX

Styling jelly (gel)

Hair jelly (For Wave) EX
Hair jelly (Smooth straight) EX

Achieve a fluffy hairstyle Foam wax

Gross fluffy wax (Fluffy wave) EX
Gross fluffy wax (Straight) EX

Hair Spray

Platinum veil Spray EX
Hair fragrance EX

Dense pearl honey jelly DX *, which contains pearls and honey, repairs damaged hair from the inside and realizes lustrous hair.

Makes your hair moist and silky. Non-silicon prescription. Contains smoky cut fragrance.

∗ Glossy / repair / moisturizing ingredients (pearl conchiolin, honey, hydroxyethylurea, sodium hyaluronate)

The scent of white floral such as plumeria is combined with the fruity scent of fresh mango and passion fruit.

A fascinating scent wraps you in and out of the wash.