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Kao Asience For Hair Care


Hair care has always been a top priority, it is very important to give your hair a soft elastic texture.

With the recent release of Kao Asience hair care products, chemically treated manes (even if there are a few areas discolored from the last shade) will regain their full beauty.

Kao Asience Hair Shampoo is specially formulated for Asian women who want to enhance the beauty of their hair, from scalp to hair ends. It aims to treat damaged hair and improve its shine with some important ingredients.

Moisturize your scalp with licorice

Moisturizing effect: camellia, lotus, ginseng oil.

Recovery Effect: Pearl

Softening effect: ginger leaf shell

Kao Asience Hair Care main product lines:

Inner Rich Range – Supports Dry Curly Hair

Natural smooth gamut – oily scalp and dry

And the range:

Shine Therapy – Targets colored recombined hair.

Kao Asience For Hair Care

The hair care products in this series have a particularly pleasant scent, as most of the active ingredients are made up of flowers, and the scent stays on the pillows overnight.

The Asience formula allows you to penetrate deeply nourished voids and repair deeply damaged Asian hair. This is why the hair appears smooth and smooth with frequent use.

Due to the use of shampoo and conditioner, this product is essential for hair care.

Kao Assistance Treatment Hair Mask – This is the key to taming your hair all day long.

Kao Asience Hair Treatment allows hair to return to its original position in the event of strong winds, making hair care easier. After washing, it takes another 5 minutes to get the spa feeling. Plus, a relaxing oriental scent with ginger, ylang ylang and grooming makes bathing even more enjoyable!