Unicharm Baby Diapers – MamyPoko


Up to 12 hours * 1 Unicharm’s unique absorber that uses an absorbent gel. Pull in plenty of repeated pee and absorb quickly! * 1 There are individual differences in the amount of pee for babies.

New improvement!

MamyPoko has a Triple block gather

The three gathers continue to fit tightly around the suspension, so you can rest assured that there will be a gap.

New improvement!

Super soft waist

Amazingly soft and evolved waist


The shape of the navel

It pulls up to your navel, so you don’t have to worry if you play a lot and move!

Pee sign

When you pee, the line turns blue-green, so it’s easy to understand when to replace it.

Soft full ventilation sheet

Quickly let out moist air and make your baby’s skin comfortable

Unicharm Baby Diapers - MamyPoko