Cream «Gold Blossom»


Squeeze Corporation cosmetics

Are not found on the shelves in Japanese stores and drag stores. As a rule, it is made to order for beauty salons and cosmetology clinics and is positioned as semi-professional, it is used by both cosmetologists and salon visitors on their own at home.

Cream «Gold Blossom»

Despite the modest packaging, all products in the series have proven effectiveness, due to the high concentration of active ingredients, this is generally a typical Japanese story, when most of the cost of a cream is formed by the composition of the cream itself, and not by a beautiful expensive packaging. Gold Blossom cream is no exception, if you look at the composition, you will see that it is very simple, while all the active ingredients are present in good concentrations, and the auxiliary components are in the very minimum, that is, nothing superfluous and the maximum result.

Composition of Cream «Gold Blossom»

The cream contains trehalose, collagen, aloe juice, hiaulronic acid and visible to the eye! extremely rare, pieces of pure 24 karat gold foil that dissolves on contact with the skin. The gold in the cream is contained in a chelated form, and is able to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin, helping also to better penetrate all of the above active ingredients. Microcurrents of gold anions coincide with microcurrents of the body, which in combination with hyaluronic acid contributes to the greatest absorption of moisture by each skin cell.
Also in the composition of trehalose – one of the excellent components of natural Japanese cosmetics, it has a high antioxidant potential, moisturizes, softens and protects the skin from stress, and participates in the processes of autophagy, that is, getting rid of cells from intracellular “debris”, for the description of this process, the Nobel laureate in Medicine and Physiology, Yoshinori Osumi received the award in 2016.

Atelocollagen, an improved type of collagen with the smallest molecular size, forms a breathable invisible protective film on the skin, protecting it from the harmful effects of environmental factors, has a pronounced moisturizing effect, stimulates collagen biosynthesis and metabolism, stimulates tissue repair and regeneration, and has a lifting effect.

Aloe vera juice contains vitamins and minerals necessary for nourishing the skin, and also has a pronounced regenerating and soothing effect.

Effect of using Cream «Gold Blossom»

With regular use of the cream, the skin becomes clean, smooth, elastic, the complexion improves, and its oval becomes clearer and tighter.
Can be used in the morning and in the evening. No artificial colors, no smell, cherry-sized amount of cream is enough for one use.
Recommended for use after 30 years.