My Secret

Soap for the delicate zone MY SECRET


With a feminine soap MY SECRET, you can keep the delicate zone clean by cleaning the dirt and dead skin cells that cause odors and darkening in the delicate zone.

The delicate zone is a delicate part compared to the body, such as arms and legs, so it is recommended to wash it gently with a special cleaning soap for the delicate zone rather than scrubbing with normal body soap.

This feminine soap can wash the delicate zone with a mild lather, so you can keep the delicate zone clean without straining your skin. In addition, the scent will be that of floral musk.

Soap for the delicate zone MY SECRET


  • Soap for delicate zones in a niche market among body care soaps.
  • Washes old keratin and dirt (darkening) containing melanin and dirt that brings odor with a gentle lather.

Soap market trends

The bath bar soap occupied 99% of the market from January to December 2019 compared to the previous year (according to the Japan Soap and Detergent Industry Association). In full year of 2020, the demand of bar soap boosted up for hand washing due to the new Corona Virus.

Consumer trends

The soap market tends to be declined every year gradually before the new Corona Virus. According to the Point of Sale (POS) data, although the low price of bath soap can be easily found in the market for the past years, the high unit price with high value added soap tends to be ranked high in the POS due to more demand of feminine soap MY SECRET. In 2019, the demand of partial cleaning soap and feminine soap MY SECRET are getting more and more popular lately, as well as the butt care soap ranked high in the body soap category of @Cosmetics Best Cosmetics Award.


  • Ginger root extract / fennel extract / lemongrass extract oil
  • A folklore ingredient that originated from Indonesia. A botanical ingredient made mainly from natural materials, such as rhizomes, bark, flowers, seeds, leaves, and fruits.
  • The combination of kaolin and bentonite absorbs sebum and darkened stains and cleans them up, and natural mud protects the skin like a veil.
  • The popular persimmon astringent extract (Kakitannin) tightens and keeps the skin healthy.
  • A gentle foaming feeling with a pot-cooked vegetable like soap base.
  • Contains glycerin, a natural moisturizing ingredient, to keep your skin moisturized.
  • It only takes about “30 seconds” to get foaming soap.
  • Botanical gentle packaging and cute heart-shaped soap.
  • A fascinating floral musk scent.
  • Made in Japan.