All about Kao Biore cosmetics


In recent years, Japanese cosmetics have made great strides in their development. In Japan, a lot of time is devoted to such a procedure as facial cleansing. For this, a variety of means are bought. Therefore, every year the Japanese beauty industry market is replenished with new brands that produce such products. However, so far none of them has managed to achieve the results that are currently available in Biore.


Biore’s cosmetics are based on the unique Skin Purifying Technology. According to research statistics, thanks to this technology, dirt from the skin is removed 2 times more effectively. In this case, the constituent components are not absorbed into the skin, which means they do not enter the body. Therefore, cosmetics produced by Biore do not cause allergic reactions. The main distinguishing feature of this technology is the normalization of the natural processes of cells, moreover, it normalizes and evens out the complexion. The skin does not dry out, which means it will not peel off.

Pros and cons

Every woman knows that the key to beautiful skin is in careful and thorough care. Therefore, 40% of all Kao Biore cosmetic products are moisturizing components. You can safely use such a remedy as a night cream. There are no alcohol solutions that can dry out the skin, there are no oils, fragrances, and even more dyes in the composition.

Even if you have problem skin or have inflammations, you can still safely use the cosmetics of this Japanese brand. Because all of it is of low acidity. Micellar water from this manufacturer removes makeup of different intensities, including waterproof.

A full range of Biore facial skin care should include:

  • Kao Biore washing mousse – it deeply cleanses the skin from everyday impurities and moisturizes it;
  • Kao Biore cleansers that prevent acne;
  • Kao Biore micellar water and serum for gentle make-up removal.
All about Kao Biore cosmetics

Here is a small overview of the popular Biore products.

  • Kao Biore Facial Washing Foamsin classic tubes and mousses with a pump. They take very careful care of the skin, not letting it dry out. Continuous use allows you to feel hydrated and even some radiance.
  • Kao Biore Hair Shampoos, Kao Biore shower gels and Kao Biore body productswith a moisturizing effect. These products are also in great demand and receive many positive reviews. They do not leave a film effect on the skin, but only moisturize it.
  • Kao Biore Face Washing with ceramides. These types of products are used to remove makeup. They do not require the use of cotton pads, they even remove waterproof makeup the first time. In addition, after use, there is no tightened skin effect, as is often the case after using such products. On the contrary, the skin becomes softer.
  • Kao Biorenon-foaming gel for washing. Here we will dwell in a little more detail, because this tool is not as well known as other products. This tool is available in two types. They very gently and gently cleanse the skin after removing makeup. Non-foaming cleansers are effective because they do not dry out the skin. And also the advantages of this gel include getting rid of blackheads and flaking.
  • Kao Biore Facial Cream for makeup remover. This cream is good because these textures are great for dry and aging skin.
  • Kao Biore Body milk. The manufacturing company presents it as a universal softener. Suitable for absolutely any age category, does not have a pronounced smell. The consistency is a little watery, but after use the skin becomes fresh and matte.
  • Sunscreens from Biore. Sun protection products from this company are also in great demand. The Sanskrins contain chemical filters. They create a lightweight, almost invisible coating that prevents UV rays from reaching the skin. Facial sunscreens also help to improve and even out skin tone, even adding a matte finish. These sunscreens will not create the appearance of whiteness on the skin. Some of them are even used as a makeup base.