Mama & Kids Baby Milky Cream

Mama & Kids Baby Milky Cream


Product description

Mama&Kids Baby Milky Cream that can be used for whole body care It is a milky cream that can be used for every day of whole body care that can be used from immediately after birth. To role model the mom of the womb environment, plenty of blended moisturizing ingredients necessary to protect the skin of the baby. It is especially recommended when drying is easy. It gives moisture to dry skin easily and keeps moist skin. Also for kids and adult body care. . Use together with our Baby milky lotion to bring moistened skin in especially dry season.

Mama & Kids Baby Milky Cream

Main Ingredients

Baby’s Emulsion (Ceramide・Cholesterol・Phospholipid・Triglyceride) (Moisture retention & Protection components), 8 Kinds of Moisture Amino Acids, Multifunctional Moisture Retention Components (Trehalose・Xylitol・Lipidure®・Sodium PCA) (Moisture retention components), Squalane, Natural Vitamin E

How to use

Apply a lot to your face and body. Also use point to the part where drying is concerned such as mouth around and buttocks. It is OK even if you overlay the baby milky lotion.