Japanese baby diapers Merries


Since 1994, the Japanese manufacturer of children’s hygiene products KAO Corporation has been producing unique products – Merries  diapers, which have been improved for more than 20 years. Why do thousands of parents choose these products for their children?

Japanese baby diapers Merries


The inner side of the diapers in contact with the baby’s skin is soft and silky. The surface is made of natural hypoallergenic fiber (does not cause allergies or skin irritation).

The Merries diapers are very thin and lightweight, but they are excellent at absorbing moisture. The powdery substance with which the absorbent layer is filled can absorb liquid with a volume of 50 times its own. In addition, this formulation converts the contents into a special gel that does not stand out even with excessive overflow and pressure on the diaper.

The skin of children, especially among allergy sufferers, is very sensitive to external factors. Merries diapers contain a special unique antiseptic impregnation made from an extract of the medicinal plant Hamamelis, which is known for its antibacterial activity. By gently acting on the skin, this substance prevents infectious inflammation and irritation.

The structure of the inner layer is wavy, which minimizes the friction of the fabric on the baby’s skin. Thanks to the point design, the body is in contact with only 50% of the diaper surface, avoiding sticking.


  • Flexible wide elastic band Buckle Elastic bands in the leg area Full indicator
  • Flexible wide elastic band

The shape of the diaper follows the anatomical lines of the baby, ensuring an optimal fit. Due to the presence of a wide elastic band with a special structure in the form of scattering cells, which is located not only in the front, but also in the back, the child’s movements will be free. The wide belt fits snugly to the baby’s body, but thanks to the soft materials it does not press or rub the skin.

The diaper fasteners are fixed with Velcro on both sides. They are designed for repeated use: if the diaper is worn unevenly or incorrectly, everything can be fixed instantly.

Manufacturers provide for a comfortable recycling process. The diaper is very thin, which allows you to compactly roll the product into a tube so that the front part is inside. On the back of the diaper there is a special Velcro strap that allows you to fix the bundle.

Merries diapers have a full indicator – these are special yellow lines that change their color to green when the diaper is filled.


Soft material

The moisture-absorbing inner layer consists of a special substance containing salt. Due to the chemical properties of sodium chloride, when liquid enters, a process called osmosis occurs. During this molecular mixing, the moisture is converted into a gel that does not flow onto the diaper surface even under high pressure.

The side elastic bands fit snugly against your baby’s skin, preventing liquid from seeping out.


Porous structure of the top layer

The upper cover of Merries diapers is made of soft material (hygroscopic and breathable). But the inner layer is moisture resistant. To achieve excellent air circulation inside the product, the developers have provided the fabric with numerous tiny holes that can only let air molecules through. Moisture has no way to seep out.

In addition, the wavy surface structure, in direct contact with the baby’s skin, promotes natural air exchange from the diaper.